Root crown images of soybean and wheat

Noble Research Institute


Organ root-system
Number of images 4400
Ground-truth no
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Scientific article(s)

RhizoVision Crown: An Integrated Hardware and Software Platform for Root Crown Phenotyping
Anand Seethepalli, Haichao Guo, Xiuwei Liu, Marcus Griffiths, Hussien Almtarfi, Zenglu Li, Shuyu Liu, Alina Zare, Felix B. Fritschi, Elison B. Blancaflor, Xue-Feng Ma, Larry M. York
Plant Phenomics, 2020 View paper


This repository contains raw image data of root crowns imaged using the backlit RhizoVision Crown platform of soybean and wheat plants phenotyped in Missouri and Oklahoma, respectively, as described in the below manuscript. Data files and the R scripts are included for complete statistical analysis associated with the imaged root crown set as well as validation using images of copper wires and simulated root images.

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