Nelson B.C. Serre, Matyas Fendrych


Measured variables root tip angle dynamics
Operating system windows
Licence open-source
Automation level automated
Plant requirements Arabidopsis
Export formats excell
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Scientific article(s)

ACORBA: Automated workflow to measure Arabidopsis thaliana root tip angle dynamic
Nelson BC Serre, Matyas Fendrych
, 2021 View paper

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ACORBA is a fully automated software to measure root bending angle over time from vertical-stage microscope and flatbed scanner images. The software can be used semi-automated for camera, mobile phone or stereomicroscope images. ACORBA represents a flexible approach based on both traditional image processing and deep machine learning segmentation to measure root angle progression over time. By its automated nature, the workflow is limiting human interactions and has high reproducibility.

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