Jonathan Wamsley @ BioMath REU @ Florida Institute of Technology


Measured variables length
Operating system windows
Licence freeware
Automation level semi-automated
Plant requirements Arabidopsis, any
Export formats xls
Other information

Similar tools

Other tools for the analysis of root-system:


Disto-Pic measures the distance of any picture by pixel count! It stores data in a row and column format and transfers to an excel file. Disto-Pic was designed to be easy to use! It can load in a picture, zoom in on desired area and calculate the distance between objects by a click-and-point or click-and-drag manner. This distance is displayed in a table and if there is another object that needs to be measured in the same picture a new row can be created. If a new picture is loaded a new column will form with the title of the picture. When you finish if you have a ruler you can scale all the data points in centimeters. If not, then you can still save your data to an excel sheet.

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