Measured variables length
Operating system windows, mac, linux, matlab
Licence freeware
Automation level semi-automated
Plant requirements any
Export formats csv, txt
Other information

Scientific article(s)

Semi-automated Root Image Analysis (saRIA)
Narendra Narisetti, Michael Henke, Christiane Seiler, Rongli Shi, Astrid Junker, Thomas Altmann, Evgeny Gladilin
Scientific Reports, 2019 View paper

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saRIA tool was developed to enable quantitative analysis of plant root growing in a opaque soil environment or artificial substrates (e.g., Agar gels). The saRIA tool is implemented to semi-automatically process series of images (a set of images in a folder) or one image at a time per user click in order to estimate root traits (like area, length, volume and statistical features) for each image.

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