Jean Dauzat, Rémi Vezy and François Grand (CIRAD)


Model category FPM
Plant part Shoot
Scale Organs, Whole_plant, Field
Licence upon_request
Operating system MacOs, Windows, Linux
Programming language Java
Format of model inputs and outputs Configuration file, OPF, OPS and meteorology file
Species studied Perennial-and-annual-plants
Execution environment Stand-alone application
Modelling environment AMAPstudio

Scientific article

Simulation of leaf transpiration and sap flow in virtual plants: model description and application to a coffee plantation in Costa Rica
Jean Dauzat,Bruno Rapidel and André Berger
Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 2001-08-30 View paper

Model description

The ARCHIMED software uses 3D virtual stands as a support for numerical simulations of biophysical processes such as leaf irradiation, transpiration and temperature and ultimately carbon assimilation. By doing so, detailed information can be integrated from the individual leaf scale up to the individual plant scale, even within complex stands such as agroforestry systems. Simple numerical methods are used for solving multiple feedbacks between light, energy, water and CO2 transfers at leaf, plant and plot scales. Numerical calculations applied at different scales allow simple implementation of complex models involving intricate processes.

Some case studies

Some recent studies using ARCHIMED:

- Raphaël P A Perez, Jean Dauzat, Benoît Pallas, Julien Lamour, Philippe Verley, Jean-Pierre Caliman, Evelyne Costes, Robert Faivre, Designing oil palm architectural ideotypes for optimal light interception and carbon assimilation through a sensitivity analysis of leaf traits, Annals of Botany, Volume 121, Issue 5, 18 April 2018, Pages 909–926,

- Raphaël P.A. Perez, Evelyne Costes, Frédéric Théveny, Sébastien Griffon, Jean-Pierre Caliman, Jean Dauzat, 3D plant model assessed by terrestrial LiDAR and hemispherical photographs: A useful tool for comparing light interception among oil palm progenies, Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, Volume 249, 2018, Pages 250-263, ISSN 0168-1923,

- Raphaël P.A. Perez, Benoît Pallas, Gilles Le Moguédec, Hervé Rey, Sébastien Griffon, Jean-Pierre Caliman, Evelyne Costes, Jean Dauzat, Integrating mixed-effect models into an architectural plant model to simulate inter- and intra-progeny variability: a case study on oil palm (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.), Journal of Experimental Botany, Volume 67, Issue 15, August 2016, Pages 4507–4521,