Jean François Barczi (CIRAD)


Model category SPM, FSPM
Plant part Shoot
Scale Whole_plant, Field
Licence freeware
Operating system MacOs, Windows, Linux
Programming language Cpp
Format of model inputs and outputs Inputs: from user interface; Outputs: mtg, opf, obj
Species studied Perennial-and-annual-plants
Execution environment Console and stand-alone application
Modelling environment AMAPstudio

Scientific article

AmapSim: A Structural Whole-plant Simulator Based on Botanical Knowledge and Designed to Host External Functional Models
Jean-François Barczi,Hervé Rey,Yves Caraglio,Philippe de Reffye,Daniel Barthélémy,Qiao Xue Dong,Thierry Fourcaud
Annals of Botany, 2007 View paper

Model description

AmapSim is a model linked to its simulation software that aims at modelling plants architectural development based on a cellular automaton associated to each growing bud of plants. The state variable of this automaton mimics buds vigourness (physiological age) along their life. Every base processes of buds (apical growth, branching and aging) are indexed to this state variable. The plant structure is parametrized after mathematical analysis lead on field measurements and according to botanical kmowledge.

Some case studies

Winter rye accurate geometry, browsing simulation, light interception along plant growth