Canopy Photosynthesis

Qingfeng Song and Xin-Guang Zhu (Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences and University of Illinois)


Model category FSPM
Plant part Shoot
Scale Organs, Whole_plant, Field
Licence upon_request
Operating system NA
Programming language Matlab, Java
Format of model inputs and outputs NA
Species studied Rice, Generic-crops
Execution environment NA

Scientific article

A Model of Canopy Photosynthesis in Rice That Combines Sub-models of 3D Plant Architecture, Radiation Transfer, Leaf Energy Balance and C3 Photosynthesis
Qingfeng Song and Xin-Guang Zhu
IEEE 4th International Symposium on Plant Growth Modeling,Simulation,Visualization and Applications, 2012 View paper

Model description

The mechanistic canopy photosynthesis model includes three components: (i) a canopy architectural model; (ii) a forward ray tracing algorithm; and (iii) a steadystate biochemical model of photosynthesis. The different physiological parameters for individual leaves can be incorporated into this model. As a result, this model predicts different architectural and physiological properties on canopy photosynthetic CO2 uptake rates. With this model, even the impacts of varying growth regions and planting density, planting direction on the total canopy photosynthetic CO2 uptake rates can be evaluated as well.

Some case studies

Some recent studies using the mechanistic canopy photosynthesis model:

- Song Q, Chu C, Parry MAJ, Zhu X-G (2016) Genetics-based dynamic systems model of canopy photosynthesis: the key to improve light and resource use efficiencies for crops. Food Energy Secur 5:18–25.

- Song Q, Wang Y, Qu M, et al (2017) The impact of modifying photosystem antenna size on canopy photosynthetic efficiency-Development of a new canopy photosynthesis model scaling from metabolism to canopy level processes. Plant Cell Environ 40:2946–2957.

- Song Q, Zhang G, Zhu X-G (2013) Optimal crop canopy architecture to maximise canopy photosynthetic CO2 uptake under elevated CO2 – a theoretical study using a mechanistic model of canopy photosynthesis. Functional Plant Biol 40:108. doi: 10.1071/FP12056

- Wang Y, Song Q, Jaiswal D, et al (2017) Development of a Three-Dimensional Ray-Tracing Model of Sugarcane Canopy Photosynthesis and Its Application in Assessing Impacts of Varied Row Spacing. Bioenerg Res 10:626–634.