FSPM Soybean

Jonas Coussement and Tom De Swaef (ILVO - UGent)


Model category FSPM
Plant part Shoot
Scale Organs, Whole_plant
Licence upon_request
Operating system Windows, Linux
Programming language Java
Format of model inputs and outputs Text files
Species studied Soybean
Execution environment GroIMP software

Scientific article

Turgor-driven plant growth applied in a soybean functional-structural plant model
Coussement JR,De Swaef T,Lootens P and Steppe K.
Annals of Botany, Submitted View paper

Model description

The FSPM expresses soybean growth in a combination of plant- and tissue specific parameters related to phenology, architectural development, physiological and biophysical organ properties and simulates the dynamics in photosynthesis, transpiration, and turgor pressure in direct relation to plant growth.

Some case studies

Importance of hydraulic traits in soybean growth (Coussement et al. 2018).