Najla, S, Vercambre, G., Pagès, L., Grasselly, D., Gautier, H. and Génard, M. (INRA)


Model category SPM
Plant part Shoot
Scale Organs, Whole_plant, Field
Licence upon_request
Operating system NA
Programming language No-language-identified
Format of model inputs and outputs NA
Species studied Tomato
Execution environment NA

Scientific article

Tomato plant architecture as affected by salinity: Descriptive analysis and integration in a 3-D simulation model
Najla,S,Vercambre,G.,Pagès,L.,Grasselly,D.,Gautier,H. and Génard,M.
Botany, 2009 View paper

Model description

This model was designed to simulate a complete desciption of plant architecture from the elementatary to the canopy scale. It was used to estimate light interception by 3-D mocks-up. The model included two levels of information: (1) a typology of modules based on morphological and developmental characteristics; and (2) a set of basic processes (initiation and growth). The model enabled to link static and dynamic observations of the plant and to scale the global consequences of the basic processes up to the whole plant.

Some case studies